Thomas at 6

Thomas turned 6 on Tuesday.  He has been so excited about this birthday that he had been counting down to it for weeks and making all kinds of plans for what he’d do.  Luckily when it came down to it, he was happy with a relatively simple day of celebration.

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Charlotte at 12

Charlotte is halfway through her last year of elementary school.  She has done very well in 6th grade.  She is especially good at math and has been getting 100% on all her math tests.

Charlotte graduated from primary at church and is thrilled to be a Young Women.  She told me that Young Women’s is 10X better than primary.  The girls have been very welcoming and inclusive.  Her first lesson was on how to welcome new girls and Charlotte reported that they didn’t even need the lesson because they were already so good at it! Read more »

Ila at 8

Ila is kind.  She likes to make other people happy.  She gets along well with all her siblings.  She nurtures her connections to the adults in her life.  She loves to see and hug her old teachers at school and at church. She cuddles up to her grandmother during stories and gives her mother plenty of hugs.

Ila is in 2nd grade and she still likes school and her teacher. Her biggest disappointment this year is not having her very best friend, Cecily in her class.  Ila sits at the boys’ table during lunch so that she can turn around and talk to Cecily.  They both sneak little stuffed animals to school to play with at recess together and look forward to their nearly weekly playdates.  They play together seamlessly, never fighting or needing me to give them ideas for what to do. Read more »

Isaac at 13

I am amazed at the amount of growth I’ve seen in Isaac over the course of the last year. I’m not sure that he’s grown much physically, but he has matured this year.  Last year as he left elementary school he seemed so small and young and this year he suddenly seems like he is approaching adolescence.

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Nicole at 9

I have been thinking about writing my annual post about Nicole for the last month since her 9th birthday, but I feel like I’ve written about her so much that I’m not sure if I have anything new to write.  I’ve written a yearly post near her birthday she turned 8, when she turned 7,  her 6th birthday (I can’t seem to find the about her post for turning 6), Nicole at 5, Nicole at 4, Nicole at 3, Nicole at 2, and Nicole at 1.  In addition I’ve written about her neuropsychological testing part one and part two, autism diagnosis, a personality sketch at age 2 1/2, starting a new school a year and a half ago, an example of one of her tantrums (say what I said), her sense of style, Q and A with Nicole (Comparison at age 3 between October and March), evaluation at 3 1/2, and a variety of other posts.  Not to mention the one liners I share on fb regularly and the things I wrote about her in April for autism awareness and understanding month.

I guess the only answer is to just start writing and see where it takes me.

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Autism Month Shares

I wrote some things on Facebook for Autism month in April that I decided I wanted to Save somewhere else so I’m posting it here:

I love that they added the word understanding to autism awareness month! I feel like most people know autism exists, but few understand it well.

When my daughter, Nicole first got her diagnosis, I was careful to say she has autism and never call her autistic. I saw the word autistic as an all encompassing label and there is so much more to my girl than that label. She’s bright, beautiful, creative, funny, energetic, loving, and joyful. I thought that calling her autistic meant that autism was the most important thing about her. It’s been a few years since her diagnosis and my understanding of what that label means has changed completely. I see autism as an important part of her identity, but not a bad part. It’s not something to be cured, it’s something to understand and embrace.

I recently listened to the book Neurotribes, The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity by Steve Silberman. I highly recommend this book. The author describes the complexity, diversity, and brilliance found in autism as he describes the indispensable role autistic people have had in our society and the need to embrace neurodiversity.

In the book, Silberman quotes Jim Sinclair, an autistic adult, who describes autism, not as a normal child trapped within an “autistic shell,” but autism is a “way of being …[that] colors every experience, every sensation, perception, thought, emotion, and encounter, every aspect of existence.”
“This is what we hear when you pray for a cure. This is what we know when you tell us of your fondest hopes and dreams for us: That your greatest wish is that one day we will cease to be, and strangers you can love will move in behind our faces.”

Somewhere near the end of the book, the author quoted someone advocating embracing the word autistic over “person with autism” because the latter sounded like autism was a disease to be cured and the former projected acceptance and pride in one’s identity as an autistic person.

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Ila at 7

Here’s what I wrote about Ila last year when she turned 6.


Ila has blossomed with the whole school experience.  She was worried that she wouldn’t love first grade as much as she loved Kindergarten, but she has found that first grade is great too!  I don’t have as many opportunities to volunteer in her class this year, but everytime I come in she is always thrilled to see me.  She eagerly anticipates the days I am coming in and she jumps up and hugs me as soon as I enter the classroom.


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Timp Hike

I have always loved looking at picture books, so consider this blog post our Timpanogos Hike picture book, with some commentary.

Here we are at the beginning of the hike–so hopeful and relatively clean:


Our hiking group consisted of Zach, myself, Mickey, Isaac, Charlotte (pictured above) and David, Kiersten, and Mercedes (pictured below).20160707_063635 Read more »

Isaac at 12

I’ve been so out of the habit of blogging, that I forgot to write about Isaac on his birthday and only just noticed that I had forgotten.


Twelve is a big age.  Isaac is starting Jr. High in August (which is making me incredibly nervous).  He was ordained a deacon in the priesthood at church and he is old enough to participate in the first proxy ordinances in the temple. Read more »

Bathroom Remodel

I’m so excited to share these before and afters.  I’ve been itching to redo this bathroom since we bought the house and I’m so pleased with how well it turned out thanks to much hard work from my husband and his illustrious father.



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Nicole at 8

I’m constantly amazed by this girl and how much she grows and changes every year.  Last year I wrote about her first year with an autism diagnosis.


Nicole is a deep thinker with an inquisitive mind.  She comes up with the most off the wall questions and makes me laugh all the time. She makes life so much more interesting.  I regularly share the funny things she says on facebook and several of my friends have told me that she is the most amusing part of their fb feed.  She is curious about everything and her enthusiasm for things draws everyone in.   Read more »

Thomas at 4

Cochran, Kathleen 10-21-15-30

Thomas is a little smarty pants.  He has had a natural love of letters and numbers for years. Last year I posted videos of him playing with magnetic letters and putting them in alphabetical order (see link at the end of this post). This year his reading skills have really taken off.  He learned all the kindergarten sight words before his big sister, Ila.  When Ila started bringing books home from kindergarten, Thomas would read over her shoulder, often saying the words before Ila.  We had to start giving him a turn to read the books after Ila reads them.  We give each of the children a turn to read a verse of scriptures each night and Thomas is reading most of the words in his verse independently.  He is constantly shocking me by reading words that I didn’t know he knew.  Sometimes his reading ability causes me problems.  Like when I told him we were going to Winco and he got mad because the store says “Winco Foods” on the outside.  “YOU SAID WE WERE GOING TO WINCO, NOT WINCO FOODS!” (he actually had a tantrum about this a few times, I’ve had to learn to call it Winco Foods instead of just Winco).  He has started reading all the names of the cereals we eat and sometimes corrects me when I call the cereal by our little nick-name for it instead of it’s actual name (ie:  ball cereal = Reeses’ Puffs).  One day I discovered that he can spell all of his siblings names except Charlotte.

(Here is a video of him reading.  This was the first time he had ever played with these story-making magnets).

And here you can see the creation process:

Thomas loves to play games.  He learned how to play Rummikub this year and absolutely loves it.  I usually play several games of Rummikub with him every Sunday.  He refers to the happy face tiles as “bad guys.”  At first he was a little bit of a pill when playing because he didn’t like people to rearrange his creations.

Thomas is very vocal about his love of “cars and trucks, and airplanes and trains, and rockets and things that go.”  His favorite vehicle is probably a tow truck.  He also loves to play with Legos.


Lately Thomas has been carrying around a Beanie Baby frog who he calls “Lumpy Bumpy.”  He takes the frog everywhere we go and sleeps with it at night.

Thomas is still good friends with Ian, though they’ve spent less time together this last year for reasons outside of their control.

9.3.15 (6)

Thomas has a new best friend in the neighborhood whose name is Sean.  Thomas and Sean always have a blast together.  We’ve started having playdates with Sean twice a week.  On Monday Sean comes over from about 9:30-2:30 and on Fridays Thomas goes to Sean’s house from about 9:30-3:00.  Thomas’s favorite days of the week are what we call “Sean Days.” The picture below is of Thomas, Ian, and Sean deciding what to do about a spider.


Thomas loves to play on the computer.  He is able to login on his own with a PIN and navigate to whatever he wants to play.

Thomas’s favorite show is still Daniel Tiger.  He has memorized all the little songs and will sing them periodically during the day at relevant moments.   Like when he helps me unload the dishwasher he’ll sing a Daniel Tiger song about helping.  “You can be a big helper, in your family. . .”


The foods Thomas loves the most are cheese sandwiches, pepperoni sandwiches, pizza lunchables, and ice cream.  Ironically, he almost never asks me for ice cream, but he always asks his grandparents for ice cream whenever he goes over to their houses.  He is particularly excited about the birthday cake ice cream that he has picked out for his birthday.

He still loves alphabet books, but his favorite books are Mo Willems books.  We love the Elephant and Piggie series and the Pigeon series.  Thomas likes to make up his own titles for Pigeon books like “Don’t let the Pigeon eat my lunch.”

9.3.15 (24)

Thomas is generally a very loving boy.  He gives me lots of hugs and tells me how much he loves me.  Since he’s my only kid not in school this year, he’s been my sidekick wherever I go and I love him to pieces.

Here is what I wrote about him last year when he turned 3.


Charlotte at 10

Charlotte is my biggest animal lover.  She loves every kind of animal and spends large amounts of time petting any cat she meets.  She participated in a campaign with her father to try to talk me into allowing them to get pet rats.  I never really agreed, but somehow we now have pet rats.  Charlotte loves to hold the rats and pet them.  She especially loves when they crawl all over her.  On her Christmas list she wrote “a new pet.”DSC03170

Charlotte is in the 4th grade this year and is enjoying learning about Utah history in school. Math is her best subject, her teacher was impressed that she got a 4 on some special pretest they took at the beginning of the year (the goal is to get a 3 by the end of the year, 4 is the highest possible score).  Charlotte has signed up to participate in the knowledge bowl this year and is excited that the topic is science.  I’m a little concerned about her ability to get up in time for the 8 AM study sessions, but we’ll see how it goes.

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Ila at 6

Ila started kindergarten this year and she loves everything about it. She loves her teacher and gets along well with her classmates and she’s so proud to be a school girl. I was a little worried about how she would do since she can be such a shy sensitive girl, but she has been confident and friendly and has made lots of new friends.  Everyday she gets so excited as she tells me about what she did at school that day.  She’s also lucky to have her mom volunteer in her class every Wednesday and her Dad teaching music in her class on Fridays.  Today she asked me if I could guess what part of kindergarten was the worst and then she told me that it’s when they have to line up and go home.

8.26.15 (11)

Ila has been excited to learn to read. She has learned all the Kindergarten sight words and has been gaining confidence in her ability to read.  She has started noticing and commenting on the different sounds in words all around the house.  She’ll say things like “I want something for lunch that starts with a digraph.”  (That means she wants “ch ch chicken nuggets”)

Ila adores her big sister Charlotte.  Most days Ila spends all afternoon and evening with Charlotte and Lucie (our neighbor).  The three of them make up imaginative scenarios about everything.  If they have to clean something they pretend they’re in “slave school.” Sometimes they refer to the kitchen as the mess hall and pretend to be at a camp.10.16.15 (10)

Ila’s love of everything orange has faded this year.  She decided that pink was her favorite color for a few months and now she says blue is her favorite.  I’m hoping she changes her mind back to orange because it’s unique and it represents her roots (as a girl who was born in Knoxville).

Her favorite toys are Lego Friends. She loves to play with Charlotte’s Lego sets and always chooses to be the Lego animals.9.28.15 School pictures (8)

Ila is an animal lover. She thinks every baby animal is adorable and loves to talk about animals.  She often carries around little stuffed animals.

Ila is still an intensely picky eater.  Some of her siblings were starting to catch on to the fact that she got to eat something different at every meal, so we’ve recently started requiring her to have a small bite of 2 parts of our dinner before she can choose something else to eat.  There has been much crying and complaining, but she’s managed to taste more things in the last month than she has in years and the other kids have stopped requesting other food too.  She even secretly admitted that she’s starting to actually like pizza and she doesn’t abhor potatoes anymore.

She loves to help me bake, especially if whatever I’m making has chocolate chips in it.


Everyday Ila tells me she loves me “this much” and stretches her hands out as far as she can or tells me she loves me “a tillion” which is a made up number that’s more than a million billions.  Then she’ll often follow it up with “and this is how much I hate you” which she will represent by holding her hands together as if to say not at all.

Here are links to what I wrote about her each year on (or near) her birthday: Ila at 5, Ila at 4, Ila at 3, Ila at 2, Ila at 1

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