Happy Birthday Nicole

My little Nicole turned one on Wednesday.  So I thought almost a week late, I might write 4.22.09 Nicole a little bit about her.  Being a third must be hard. Number 1 is naturally spoiled with attention, on number two you try really hard to show them as much attention as number one, but by the time you get to number three it gets even tougher—especially when one and two are still home with you all day.  In some ways poor little Nicole gets the short end of the stick.  For example, I recently discovered that Nicole really likes to look at books with me. 

Nicole is at the age where her personality is really starting to bloom.  She loves to dance and yell.  She yells when she’s happy and when she’s mad.  If she likes a doll or stuffed animal she usually growls and buries her head in it.  I even saw her do this to a cat once.  She squeals with delight when she sees an animal,5.9.09 Nicole particularly a cat or dog and giggles when a dog jumps up on her and licks her face.

She loves to climb the stairs, especially at grandma’s house.  She crawls up a few steps and then turns around to make sure you’re following her.  Once she sees your face she laughs and climbs a few more steps as fast as she can.  Unfortunately, she hasn’t mastered the proper down technique. 

She has a bit of a fearless streak in her that is very different from her older siblings (who are both big chickens).  In the bath she splashes and lays on her stomach and tries to lay all the way down on her head sometimes.  When she climbs onto a chair she immediately grasps the back of the chair and starts shaking it.

Some of her favorite foods are pickles and grapes.

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