Q and A with Nicole

In December, I wrote about Nicole being evaluated through the school district for special services.  One of the main areas of concern is her difficulty answering questions.

Here is a video of a Q and A session with Nicole in October:

And for comparison, here is a Q and A session with Nicole from yesterday:

As you can see, she is improving.  In the first video she repeated the questions that I asked without answering them.  In the second video she answered my questions.  Some of her answers were wrong and it’s unclear if all of her wrong answers were just because she’s being silly or if she doesn’t completely understand the questions.  Like when I asked her where her eyes were and she said “my eyes is orange.”  I wonder if she just hears one word that she understands and responds to that, like she knew I was asking about eyes, but did she understand that I wanted a location, not a color?  Also, I’m fairly certain that she does know that she is a girl (or “grill” as she says it). 

She has a long way to go to get to completely normal interactions, but she’s making progress.  She still says things that make no sense, like last night she kept saying that she was scared that someone would turn into a bird.  I cannot figure out where she would get the idea of someone turning into a bird.

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  • Barb

    that’s a LOT of improvement for such a short time! I wonder if she’s being silly or if she just hasn’t grasped the importance of answering information questions correctly, when her answers have no impact on her. Glad to see the improvements!

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