Thomas at One

I like to write about my kids each year near their birthday.  For Thomas, I thought I’d post a bunch of pictures and write about the pictures and hopefully by the end it will be a fairly complete picture of my sweet little baby.

He loves the dishwasher.  If he sees it open, he makes a beeline for it. On this day, I left the dishwasher open and turned my back. next thing I knew, Thomas was sitting on the dishwasher door:P2043581He has recently figured out how to pull the silverware tray out and he is very happy about his discovery:P2043574

He also enjoys opening cupboards and moving things around.  A few times he has pulled out our shoe bins and mixed up all his siblings shoes:P2043578He loves Ramen noodles.  He also likes to transfer his food from one container to another when he eats.  I discovered that if I gave him an empty container with his meal, he’d throw less food on the floor.P2023462He loves his reflection in the mirror and he hugs his mommy all day long.  He’s a very sweet cuddly little boy:P2023454Thomas is almost always happy and silly. P1313390He even smiles when he eats:P1313394He loves technology like my phone and this little device:P1303336All of the kids love to play with him and get excited when he does new things:P1233114He has a funny little crawl.  He has never learned how to crawl the normal way and now that he’s walking more and more, he will probably never learn how to crawl properly.  Here’s a video of his crawl:He takes slow small steps, but he loves this new ability so much that he walks everywhere he goes:I thought I’d add more pictures, but it’s taken me long enough to post this much (thanks to my 5 little interrupters, some of which have spent the last few days puking).  So Here’s just a few more:P2023466P2023468P2023469(This poor kid has too many sisters. Sorry about the pink, Thomas.)

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