Thomas at 2

Since before he was born, we decided that Thomas might be our last.  I’ve had that thought in my mind often over the last two years.  Now I know why the baby sometimes gets spoiled.  Instead of putting him back down to do chores, I’d often cuddle with him a little longer and tell myself to just enjoy my baby because this might be the last time.  Lucky for me Thomas loves to hug his mommy so I get all the baby cuddles I want.  Sometimes more than I want.  I think if Thomas had his way, he’d spend all of the first and last hour of the day in my arms.  Unfortunately with 5 kids, my mornings are way to busy to just hold a baby for an hour so he regularly spends the morning crying to be held each time I put him down.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

He loves to jump or run into my arms.  He’ll get back and run straight into my arms without slowing at all so that his little body crashes into me.  He also loves to stand on a table (like a coffee table) and fall forward into my arms.

Thomas LOVES cars.  Even that statement seems like an understatement.  He spends most of everyday playing with cars.  Driving them along the window sill, across the couch or along the floor.  He lays on the floor and watches the wheels or lays his head on the window sill to watch the wheels go by.  On our last wagon ride he spent the entire time leaning out of the wagon to see the wheels.  Although he can say the word car, he often calls cars “bye bye.”


His favorite movie is Cars.  He even gets excited to see pictures of Lightning McQueen or Mater or read books about them.

Often when he sees my camera he says “cheese” and gives me a big smile.  If he sees me taking a picture of one of his siblings, he’ll often run over and photo bomb my picture.

If he hears a group of people laughing, he’ll join in with his own really fake sounding laugh.  When we visited his cousins in Texas, he heard them laugh at a series of commercials and would join in.  Even after we came home, he’d laugh his fake laugh when he heard the theme music for those commercials.

He loves his siblings, especially Ila and Isaac.  The other night as I was putting him to bed he kept saying “I want Ila.”


His most repeated phrase is “I don’t want to.”

He loves to read books.


He loves to run around and to push around anything with wheels.

He likes going on walks and will go out of his way to step on the snow instead of the clean sidewalk.

He is very good at pouting.  He puts his head down and buries his face in his hands.

He loves to say goodbye to people and cars and he has a great wave.

He loves to blow bubbles in his milk.


He loves to stand up in his seat and hates to be buckled.


Lately he hates clothes and fights me every time I get him dressed.  He doesn’t want to wear a shirt or pants and has slept in just a diaper the last two nights.  He doesn’t even like covers and pushes them off every time I try to put them on.  He refuses to wear a coat or socks.  The only shoes I can get him to wear are his Crocs, but sometimes he even refuses them.  Often after I’ve forced him to get dressed, he maneuvers one of his arms out of the sleeve and puts it through the neck of his shirt. I’ll fix it and he’ll put his arm back out in his own form of rebellion against clothes.


He can sing “Once upon a dream” from Sleeping Beauty and “I am a Child of God.”  He will either grab my hand or Ila’s hand and say “I know you” which means he wants us to sing and dance with him.

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