More of August 2015

Nicole really wanted to wear make-up so I put a little eye shadow on her.  She went on and on about how beautiful she looked.
8.2.15  (1) 8.2.15  (3)

Ila insisted that she also needed eye shadow.8.2.15  (9) 8.2.15  (19) 8.2.15  (20)

Nicole has improved her reading over the summer and enjoys reading to her dad.8.2.15  (25) 8.2.15  (29)

We babysat for some friends and at least for the first little while, Ila was more excited about the baby coming than playing with her friends.8.3.15  (1)

Here are the girls playing with sleds at their grandparent’s house.  They like to pull each other across the grass.8.3.15  (5)

The older three went on an adventure with their Dad, Aunt Bethani, and Uncle Dan.  Zach promises me he’ll write about that adventure himself.  The younger two spent most of the day playing with play-dough.8.4.15 playdough (7) 8.4.15 playdough (8)

Since Bethani and Dan were in town, we decided it was a good time for a family picture.  We went to FotoFly because they’re my new favorite studio.Cochran, Kathy 801-225-7167-009 Cochran, Kathy 801-225-7167-014 Cochran, Kathy 801-225-7167-020

After our family picture, we had a turkey dinner at Grandma and Grandpa’s house.8.5.15  (1) Ila decided that she really liked wearing black and has been dressing in all black frequently since the family picture.8.5.15  (4) 8.5.15  (6) 8.5.15  (7)

Part of the reason Bethani and Dan were in town was for Zach’s cousin Holly’s wedding.  i didn’t actually get any pictures of the bride and groom, but I did take pictures of the cookies and our table.


IMAG0561 IMAG0562Isaac had some school assignments to do over the summer to get ready for his 6th grade ALL (advanced) class.8.6.15  (3)

Isaac has somehow convinced Thomas that cleaning the bathroom is fun.  I always remind Isaac that he’s still responsible for the outcome.8.8.15

Nicole made her own little school with some of her stuffed friends sitting on stacks of books.8.9.15  (4)

Some of Zach’s coworkers were in town from San Francisco so we had them over for dinner and then they played Duck Game with Isaac.8.10.15

Charlotte LOVES fruit.  She came home from her best friend’s house eating a large Mango.  She did eat the entire thing.8.11.15  (2)

Charlotte and Ila are still best friends.8.11.15  (7) Isaac attempting to make giant bubbles.  We were less successful with our own homemade bubble wands than with the neighbor’s bubble wands.8.12.15  (3) 8.12.15  (5)

I love hearing these two have little conversations.  They were reading books to each other the other day, but I didn’t have my camera with me.8.12.15  (8)

Now that Lucie is back, these three girls spend as much time together as possible.  Here they are working on an art project.8.14.15  (2)

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