Thomas and his Favorite Widow

Thomas loves Sister M.  She comes to nursery to sing with the children every Sunday and she does a fabulous job.  Whenever Thomas says he’s too sick to go to church, I tell him Sister M. will be so sad if you’re not there.  Singing with Sister M. is his favorite part of church. One Sunday he wanted to stay home so instead of saying he was sick, he just said “I want Sister M to be sad.”  Another time he told me that Sister M. lives at the church.

Each week he watches for her and as soon as he sees her arrive, he goes over to her and gives her a big hug.

Yesterday morning he decided that he wanted to make a card for Sister M.

_1030028He worked really hard on it and even insisted that he should write the words._1030038

It says “Thomas Sister M___- I love you.  I love to sing with you.”  He insisted that his name should be at the top instead of the bottom.

He drew a picture of a church on the back and then he drew a picture of a person next to the church.  He decided that the person is Dad because he was very tall.  When Thomas looked at his picture and saw that Dad was taller than the church he laughed so hard that he literally fell out of his seat._1030030He was very proud of his card, especially the funny picture on the back.  We had to walk over to show grandma and grandpa before church._1030035At church we met Sister M. in the hallway and showed her the card.  By the time he was done showing her, he started to have second thoughts about giving it to her because he loved the card so much.  She told him that she really loved his card and hoped that he would decide to give it to her.  _1030037

After we walked away I told him that I had taken a picture of his card that he could look at and suggested that he give her the card.  He turned around, ran up to her and gave her the card with a big hug and a big smile.

The whole experience was so sweet and genuine that I thought I’d write about it so I could remember it forever.




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