Charlotte at 12

Charlotte is halfway through her last year of elementary school.  She has done very well in 6th grade.  She is especially good at math and has been getting 100% on all her math tests.

Charlotte graduated from primary at church and is thrilled to be a Young Women.  She told me that Young Women’s is 10X better than primary.  The girls have been very welcoming and inclusive.  Her first lesson was on how to welcome new girls and Charlotte reported that they didn’t even need the lesson because they were already so good at it!

Charlotte was glad to finally trade her piano lessons for guitar lessons.  She really enjoys the guitar and her skills are improving.

Charlotte has always been a determined independent girl.  She broke her ring finger on her right hand and had to have surgery.  She hasn’t complained once about the pain and has only asked for help occasionally tying her shoes.  She has taken up writing (and drawing) with her left hand and is proving that she’s quite good at adapting.

Charlotte loves the outdoors.  Some of her favorite things are exploring nature and camping.  She also still loves to draw and paint.

Charlotte got glasses this year.  Her prescription is really mild so they’re not essential.  I honestly think she mostly wanted them because her best friend has them and she thought they were stylish.

Charlotte is good at teaching herself how to do things.  She was the first in our family to teach herself how to ride a bike.  When she got a hoverboard for her birthday she taught herself how to ride it right away.Charlotte is an animal lover and has continued to nurture her love of foxes.  She requested more clothing with foxes on them and wears her fox shirts as often as possible.  She also keeps a stuffed fennec fox toy in her backpack.  Charlotte still stops to pet any cats or dogs she encounters and loves to sleep with a cat in her bed.

She is still best friends with Alyssa.  They’ve been best friends since 2nd grade.  Charlotte’s other favorite friends are Lucie and Ellie.  They love to “role play” which is basically using their imaginations to pretend that they are animals.

Here is what I wrote about Charlotte last year.

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