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A short video of Nicole, just because

I was trying to take a new video of Nicole moving around with her new cast on, but she didn’t really go anywhere.  She just kind of wiggled around.  I did however capture her trying to read this book filled with addition and subtraction problems. 

I didn’t know that she recognized numbers yet, but whether she actually saw the numbers on the page that she named or just recognized that they were numbers and started saying numbers, I don’t know.  I suppose it’s a silly video to post.

Ambulatory Nicole

Here are some videos that I took of Nicole learning to move with her leg splint:

Here she does some climbing:

Here is a still picture with her cast:IMG_1007 So far she seems much happier in the cast.  I think it’s less painful for her.

Nicole’s Birthday Celebration

When we were kids, my mom did lots of little things to make our birthdays great.  It was like the whole day was a celebration.  We got to sit in the front seat and mom would fix our favorite food for dinner.  I try to do the same thing for my kids, so I did my best to fill Nicole’s special day with the things she likes to do.

Zach picked up some balloons the night before and we put them in her room after she fell asleep.  So that she’d wake up to them.5.6.10 Nicole's BirthdayI heard her call out in the morning when she woke up.  She grabbed a hold of the balloons and held onto them as I changed her diaper and put on her pants (I left the PJ shirt on to avoid prying the balloons out of her hands in order to change it).  She took the balloons with her to the kitchen.5.6.10 Nicole's Birthday (2) She clung to her balloon as she ate her breakfast of vanilla yogurt.5.6.10 Nicole's Birthday (5) Ila was intrigued by the balloons, too.

5.6.10 Nicole's Birthday (7) After breakfast, she played with balloons.5.6.10 Nicole's Birthday (11) Then I gave her a bath because she loves baths and playing in water.5.6.10 Nicole's Birthday (14) After her bath, we went to the park where she spent the majority of her time on the swings.5.6.10 Nicole's Birthday (23) After using the baby swing for a little while, she insisted on trying the big swing.  Right after this picture she started to lean forward to get off and before I could catch her she fell on her face.  The fall wasn’t far, but she scraped her nose in the process and needed a hug.5.6.10 Nicole's Birthday (31) The next stop was the library.  You can see the results of her fall in the picture below.  We looked at books, checked some books out, and then went to part of a story time.  We left story time early when Nicole decided she’d much rather play with a door than listen to stories.5.6.10 Nicole's Birthday (33) After the library, we headed home for a lunch of spaghetteos and mandarin oranges.  Then she played with balloons and toys until naptime.  After nap we watched an episode of her favorite show (Curious George) before heading off to the “french fry store” for dinner.  We let her enjoy the ketchup this time so as soon as she came home we gave her a second bath.  We invited her to open presents right after her bath (that’s why her hair is wet in the picture below).  At first we had trouble getting her to open any presents, she just wanted to run around with balloons.5.6.10 Nicole's Birthday (37) She had a little time to play with her new presents before my Aunt Dee came over followed by my cousin Brent with his wife and sons.  I’m really pleased with the Play Mobil farm set pictured below.  It’s a great sturdy gift that all three kids enjoy playing with.5.6.10 Nicole's Birthday (42) We gave the kids Curious George hats and toys.5.6.10 Nicole's Birthday (45)Next we had cupcakes and ice cream.  As soon as she sat down she picked up one of the cupcakes with a candle in it and started to place the cupcake in her mouth, candle first.  Fortunately, they weren’t lit yet.  She didn’t seem to understand the concept of blowing out the candles so, after some encouraging, Zach ended up blowing them out.5.6.10 Nicole's Birthday (46) After cake, we played until our guests left then put her to bed. 

Happy 2nd Birthday Nicole!

Today my little Nicole turns 2.  She has blossomed into a funny quirky little girl.  She loves to be the center of attention, stealing4.23.10 Nicole (1) glances at visitors and then beaming from ear to ear with her head cocked or galloping around the room in her own unique dance.

She has recently entered a new stage of language development.  Her vocabulary is exploding and she has started regularly using two word combinations and small phrases.  Where she would have said “shoe,” I hear her carefully articulate “one shoe” or “Charlotte’s Shoe.”  One of my recent favorites is hearing her say the whole phrase “Mom, where are you?”  I’ve started working on encouraging words instead of crying or yelling for something.  She’s doing quite well with that.  She says things like “help, please” and “orange, please” or “Oh, no ball!”  Every time we drive somewhere, she likes to say goodbye to everything “goodbye house”, “goodbye tree”, and so on.

She loves hats and shoes and she smiles and dances when I put either one on her. 4.22.10 Nicole This evening, I watched her try to fit her brown sandals onto her big sister’s foot.  She regularly emerges from her siblings bedroom and clomps down the hall in a pair of oversized shoes.  Then she’ll climb into her seat at the table and say “oh no, shoe!” as one of the shoes slips off and falls to the floor.

Six months ago, it was a rare treat to have her sit still in your lap for a hug,  now she seeks out and sustains hugs regularly. 4.16.10 Nicole and Ila (5) She has started hugging both of her sisters  spontaneously and occasionally crying for a hug.  The 2nd hour Nursery leader at church says that every week at about 10:30 she just stops playing and comes to get a hug then goes back to play happily.  She went through a short phase of saying “awww” every time she hugged someone.  Charlotte and Nicole loved to hug and say “awww” over and over again.

She goes to bed easily most days both for her nap and at night.  At times she’ll be up for an hour or two after being put to bed, but she never leaves her room or climbs off her  bed.  She usually doesn’t even cry.  She’ll be in there for hours, just singing and talking and looking at books.  I think it’s only been in the last month that she’s started insisting that she sleep on top of items.  She gathers at least three toys and often a book or two along with her water IMG_8957bottle in her arms and sleeps on top of them.  A stuffed Curious George toy is always under one of her arms.  I still don’t understand why she prefers to sleep this way, but she gets mad if I try to move something she’s laying on.  It reminds me of a silly sleeping phase Isaac went through.  It’s funny how these strange little things they do pull at your heart strings. 

She still doesn’t like to be forced to sit still.  If I try to get a picture of the kids lined up or sitting next to each other, she’ll be the one who refuses to sit still long enough for me to take the picture.  Church meetings can be challenging, 4.30.10 NicoleI was counting down the days until she turned old enough for nursery!

Her favorite show is Curious George.  She’ll carry a remote over to me and say “George” periodically during the day.  She also loves to be outside.  Everyday when we get home from picking up Isaac she climbs out of the car and runs directly outside to play.  If you mention leaving she’ll to to the door to the garage and say “outside” over and over.

I also love her big brown eyes and her silly smiles.  She has started smiling and saying “cheese” when she sees my camera.  Sometimes she gives me a goofy smile where she protrudes her lower teeth and it looks like she has an under bite (I think that’s the right term).

A Cupcake for Nicole

Charlotte is a creative little girl.  If you start making up a story, she’ll add to it.  Today I decided to see what she could create on her own.  I only helped her with prompts like “what would she do when she is a great-grandma?”  The sequence, ideas, and pictures all came from her.

4.30.10 A cupcake for Nicole4.30.10 A cupcake for Nicole (1) Picture Note:  A cupcake in the middle with sprinkles on it.  Surrounded by candy, including a lollipop.  I don’t know what the line on top is for.4.30.10 A cupcake for Nicole (2)Picture Note:  The picture of Nicole as a mom is wearing glasses, like Charlotte’s mom.  The other picture is of a taco. Again, the line on top baffles me, I shall have to ask her.4.30.10 A cupcake for Nicole (3)Picture Note:  The circle with a dot is a belly with a bellybutton.  The other picture is a bowl of Marshmallow Mateys.4.30.10 A cupcake for Nicole (4) Picture Note:  The green picture is celery.

4.30.10 A cupcake for Nicole (5)

4.30.10 A cupcake for Nicole (6)The End.

This story has inspired Isaac to write his own, only he wants to write a non-fiction book about Space.

Nicole’s Sleeping Oddity

Nicole insists on sleeping on toys and books.  If you try to move them, she’ll put them right back.  She likes to have a stuffed animal (usually Curious George) or doll under each arm and then she places books in the middle and sleeps on her tummy on top of all of them!  And she will scream if she drops her water bottle, which she hugs along with everything else as she sleeps.IMG_8665

Nicole’s Birthday Gift Ideas

Before anyone went shopping, I thought I’d post some pertinent info.  I hope this isn’t  too presumptuous of me.  We’re really ok if no-one gets her anything.  She is only turning 2, but I know that a grandma or two may be thinking of sending something and I thought this format would be acceptable.  If you do buy her a gift on this list that’s not eatable, leave a comment so no one duplicates.  If you like the suggestions, I’ll post the same sort of thing for Isaac’s birthday which is a month later.4.13.10 fun in the sun (33)

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A snapshot of Nicole

I like this picture of Nicole.  I found her sitting on the kitchen floor, wearing her father’s hat and looking at this book that she took from our bedroom.4.6.10 Nicole (1)

    There’s just something about this picture that seems very silly to me.  Maybe it’s that she didn’t just take the book or the hat, but the two of them together and then walked all the way into the kitchen to sit down and ‘read.’


She’s a funny little girl.  She seems to really like Ila, but she’s not quite two and can be a little rough in her attempts to be kind.   I generally try to avoid laying Ila anywhere Nicole can reach her when Nicole is awake, but today I thought Nicole was distracted so I laid Ila down while I poured drinks for dinner and when I went back to check on her, this is what I found:IMG_7328-2 Nicole had neatly laid trucks and trains around Ila

I came into the kitchen the other day and found this:  3.19.10 contents of my misc. kitchen drawer It made me smile because I am sure I know exactly which child made the mess.  Nicole has a thing for wire whisks.

Quality Time with Nicole

I find myself with very little time during the day to spend one on one with my children, so I do my best to take advantage of any extra moments throughout the day.  I do things like play games with them while we wait in the grocery store line or at the doctor’s office and singing songs or talking with them in the car. 

Lately, Nicole has developed her own little way to have some time with her mom. 2.24.10 Nicole and mom's feet (4) It started off with Nicole trying to put my shoes on my feet once when I sat down to feed Ila.  Soon she was trying to put my shoes on me each time I fed Ila.  I recognized a new opportunity to play with her and I started trying to tickle her with my feet, or give her feet hugs.  Sometimes my feet try to dance with her or startle her by jumping when she least expects it.  I know this sounds strange, but we both started to really enjoy this time together.  Now whenever Nicole sees me sit down to feed Ila she gets a big grin on her face and runs over to my feet and she gets very frustrated if they’re not on the ottoman where she likes to play with them.

What Creative ways have you found to spend quality time with your kids (or others) when you find you lack quantity of time?

Nicole’s New Bed

I have been wanting to see how Nicole would do in a regular bed for a little while now.   Everyday she runs into Isaac and Charlotte’s room 11.15.09 Charlotte and Nicoleand climbs into their beds, pulls the covers over herself, and pretends to sleep.  In addition to her enthusiasm for beds is that fact that Ila is sleeping in the living room in a Pack ‘N Play and I’d like to transition her into the crib in a few months. 

The main thing that has been holding me back from letting Nicole try a bed is that I wanted to find a nice bedspread for her.  I don’t like big cartoon characters or Disney princesses, but still wanted something feminine and girly without looking really cheap.  Unfortunately, the only ones I could find that I liked were online and started at $80 (granted my local store search only included Wal-Mart and Target).  

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Zion, Part 2 = Nicole

Taking Nicole camping with us turned out not to be our best idea.  5.13.09 Camping trip to Zion's (9) Our first problem was that since she couldn’t walk she became filthy very quickly if allowed to crawl around.  She spent most of her time either in someone’s arms, in her high-chair, or in the stroller.  She seemed happy enough most of the day.  She was a little wiggly on the bus at times, but in her stroller along the paths she would either sleep or ride along contentedly.

Our biggest challenge came at bedtime.  Typically I read her some stories, sing her a song and then lay her in bed where she cries herself to sleep.  She usually doesn’t cry too much, but in a strange place I 5.14.09 Camping trip to Zion's (18) thought her crying might be worse and I didn’t dare annoy the entire campsite by letting  her try.  First I walked her around until she fell asleep, but she woke up as soon as I tried to lay her down.  Then we thought we’d see if she’d be content laying in our bed with us.  She just wiggled endlessly and became quite unhappy.  Frustrated and tired, I put her back in the stroller and walked around in circles until she fell asleep.  It was too dark to go far and I didn’t want her to wake the campsite while I found a flashlight. I carefully removed her from the stroller and laid in my bed with her in my arms and she was awake within five minutes.  I put her to sleep again by holding her close and rocking her as I paced around by her bed and once I felt that she was sufficiently sleeping I laid her down and she stayed asleep, sometime after 11:00 PM.  She woke up a little after 4:00 5.13.09 Camping trip to Zion's (28)AM ready for breakfast and play.  I grabbed a few things quickly and found my way to the bathroom which was lit and had a floor not made of dirt.  I fed her and let her crawl around on the bathroom floor until about 6:30 AM when I could see that the sun had come up.  At which point I could see well enough to take her on a walk in her stroller.  She actually fell asleep, but I only got a 10 minute break on my bed before the other kids started waking up and woke Nicole up in the process.  We decided we didn’t want to try another night like that and so instead of sleeping one more night in our tents and then leaving in the morning, we packed up our campsite and left after dinner.

Happy Birthday Nicole

My little Nicole turned one on Wednesday.  So I thought almost a week late, I might write 4.22.09 Nicole a little bit about her.  Being a third must be hard. Number 1 is naturally spoiled with attention, on number two you try really hard to show them as much attention as number one, but by the time you get to number three it gets even tougher—especially when one and two are still home with you all day.  In some ways poor little Nicole gets the short end of the stick.  For example, I recently discovered that Nicole really likes to look at books with me. 

Nicole is at the age where her personality is really starting to bloom.  She loves to dance and yell.  She yells when she’s happy and when she’s mad.  If she likes a doll or stuffed animal she usually growls and buries her head in it.  I even saw her do this to a cat once.  She squeals with delight when she sees an animal,5.9.09 Nicole particularly a cat or dog and giggles when a dog jumps up on her and licks her face.

She loves to climb the stairs, especially at grandma’s house.  She crawls up a few steps and then turns around to make sure you’re following her.  Once she sees your face she laughs and climbs a few more steps as fast as she can.  Unfortunately, she hasn’t mastered the proper down technique. 

She has a bit of a fearless streak in her that is very different from her older siblings (who are both big chickens).  In the bath she splashes and lays on her stomach and tries to lay all the way down on her head sometimes.  When she climbs onto a chair she immediately grasps the back of the chair and starts shaking it.

Some of her favorite foods are pickles and grapes.

My Little Nicole

I just love this picture of Nicole so I had to write a post about her as an excuse to post it.

She is growing up so fast. My little Nicole loves to hear laughter. She can be in the middle of crying and if she hears laughter, she’ll stop crying and smile as big as she can. She has also figured out how to clap, but she’s not great at it yet.

She’s been working on gross motor control the most lately. She still hasn’t quite mastered crawling forward, but she has been pulling herself into a kneeling position against toys and other such things regularly and tonight she pulled herself to a standing position in her crib and got stuck that way since she didn’t know how to lower herself back down into a sitting position.2409-nicole-8

Nicole (with drugs)

With the exception of a few lines on Nicole learning to splash, I think my last blog about 12.16.08 Nicole (4) her was a candy-coated gripe session.  I love my little girl, but in some ways she has been my most challenging baby. 

I think the Zantac she’s been taking may have worked because her fits of uncontrollable crying have stopped.  She still spits up constantly, but I can deal with that.  Since starting the Zantac she has gone from a fussy baby who could tolerate less than 5 minutes of not being held unless she was asleep, to a very pleasant and happy baby who enjoys playing with toys or sitting in her excersaucer.  She has also increased the amount of time she generally naps in a day, although she still has those days where she hardly naps at all.

The best part is that her funny little personality is starting to show more and more.  She’s very expressive and makes lots of funny faces.  She also likes to growl (like a tiger according to her siblings).  She thinks Isaac and Charlotte are hilarious and regularly laughs and smiles at their antics.  When she’s excited she flexes all her extremities with joy.  Isaac loves to call her wiggle.  She also seems to enjoy locating voices.  Zach enjoys singing and then watching her jerk her head around until she finds him then as soon as she looks away he repeats his song and she repeats her search.

Things have been going so much better that I even took the doctor’s advise and took away her pacifier at 6 months and she does fine without it. 

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